and Easy

This is where you can start a webpage that is associated with a Service Provider ... such as MySpace, Facebook, etc.
Simple Low-Cost Website This is similar to the above option except you purchase a website name (URL) that forwards to a Service Provider's page. It usually gives you a free email address. Typically this cost less than $20 a year.
Individual Website This is a 'hosted' website which allows you to create your own web pages with something like MS Word. More email accounts are usually available. This will generally run about $50 to $60 a year.
Business Website Here the prices can vary greatly depending on what is required. If it just informational is won't be expensive. The prices tend to increase when Request Forms are added, periodic changes needed to maintain prices, updating calendars, etc. Most business websites start around $200 to $500. Needless to say as more features are added, the price goes up.



The art of designing a website is similar to cooking. How much effort and money do you want to spend? And, will the results be satisfying?

Surely you have come across websites that are attractive, informational and easy to use. Other sites are busy, too complex, and they tend to lose interest quickly. The Big Soup Bowl philosophy is simple is better. Many of the world's great chefs point out that any dish with more than three ingredients may become too confusing for the human pallet. Yet there are exceptions to every rule.

This doesn't mean we can't provide multiple courses during the meal where each presentation is encapsulated to capture the taste and mood of the moment. Overall a dinning experience can include many served courses yet it doesn't mean that each dish served must be complex.

 Let's say you have a restuarant and you want to create a menu. Before the menu you need to design meals. And before that you need recipes.